Jonah's Beach is an emergent faith community, hungry to experience and motivated to practice the life and ministry of Jesus within our local culture and present society. Participants are interested in living transformed lives.

Jonah's Beach participants gather around questions not answers, recognizing that the Kingdom of God is fully present, yet continues to come in new and mysterious ways each and every day.

Jesus intentionally

+ lived to transform the world by attacking hypocrisy, breaking down barriers, redrawing boundaries, and creating a new way for people to live together.

+ insisted on a highly communal life with others unlike himself, receiving his identity and learning his        in-the-world purpose from God.

+ practiced spiritual disciplines of prayer and scripture.

+ welcomed the stranger without judgment.

+ identified with marginalized populations, creating solutions.

+ championed extravagant generosity.

+ shared leadership responsibilities.

All this and more Jesus accomplished by living in authentic relationship with all people. When people participate in authentic relationship, lives change. The world changes. Together we make a difference when Jesus first makes a difference in us.

Come and see...
And should I not be concerned about this great city?
1001 Rowell Avenue North, Manhattan Beach, California 90266
SUNDAYS starting in 2015
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